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Love Quotes

The bond of two peoples love cannot be broken,
Bend it, twist it, do what you will with it;
If it is true love then the sun will rise another day.

- Cody Heller

When I look into your eyes,
it's like falling in love all over again.
- Amanda Arco

Be The Feast

The only way to navigate Love
Is to be lost within it
It is neither a beast to be conquered
Nor a thought to be cornered
You are a guest in its presence
A voyeur in the dark
So feast not
Rather be the feast
Worthy of legends
For there is no sweeter ecstasy
Than the nectar
That is the yearning of your heart

- Keoki Trask

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Secret Lover - Love poem

Come into my heart dear one,
Fill it with the warmth of your love,
Brighten my days with your sunny smile,
And fill my nights with unbridled passion.
Lay with me under the starry skies,
Whispering into my ear,
Those sweet words of love,
That only we two understand,
Gently caress my trembling body,
With deliberate, knowing hands,
And cover my mouth with passionate kisses,
That draw the very soul from my body.
I live to be near you,
To feel your gentleness.
My world begins and ends in your arms.
You give me such unbelievable joy and bliss.
My heart, my wonderful, but secret lover.

- Sheryl Walton

The thing about falling in love,
is that if you do it right,
you never have to hit the ground.
- Kendall Lepitzki

Butterflies - love poem

Stumbling over words to express how I feel,
My pen takes over as my emotions replace the ink
That has slowly begun to fill this page

Boldly seizing my voice,
It verbalizes how your kisses mesmerize me,
How I thrive on your caresses,
How I love looking in your eyes,
And how I can't seem to let go.
Symbolizing my fantasies and dreams,
It writes to you of my intentions.
How you are the first one
Who I've found myself willing to learn and grow with.
Of my plans to not only be a part of your present
But to be essential in your future.

Invading my heart it reveals my inners secrets,
My greatest hopes, and my biggest fears.
It speaks to you of the walls
That with time I have let envelop my heart,
And how with you I have seen them slowly crumbling,
Because this feeling I feel is stronger
Than the walls that have taken me so long to build.
It conveys to you my fears of getting hurt
As well as the fact that I don't care anymore
Because my heart has taken over,
And that is what I choose to follow.

Representing my thoughts,
This pen listens and rejoices
As it tells you something that I've never felt before,
But that is so strong
That it cannot be mistaken for anything else.
I love you.
My voice says it,
My dreams see it,
And my heart feels it.

Stumbling over words to express how I feel,
My pen takes over as my emotions replace the ink,
That has slowly begun to fill this page.

- Yencie Xiany De Jesus

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Nothing left to be desired,
All dreams have been fulfilled,
This love unfolded as to plan,
Our souls entwined, God willed.

- Elysha Cesar

Untouchable - love poem

I was Untouchable
My emotions roped in place
Never feeling more than I wished to
I was Untouchable
But this disease,
This curse,
Crept into my body
Silently seeping into my skin
Wiggling into my veins
Overtaking my organs
I was Untouchable
Until he told me that he loved me
I was Untouchable
Until I realized that I loved him
Now all I want is for his touch

- Nikki Peterson

Love - short poem for love

Love is when you miss him even before he's gone,
When you could listen to him talk all night
And never get tired of hearing his voice,
When the sound of his name sends chills down your spine,
And when you see his smile the second you close your eyes!

- Adriene Auckerman

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